Located in northeastern Kentucky on the Western Allegheny Plateau, Boone Parklands is a 34,151±-acre Appalachian timberland investment with a long history of active forest management spanning multiple ownerships. The current owner has conducted all forest management activities under SFI certification. The land base is comprised of several large contiguous management blocks, as well as numerous individual parcels ranging in size from 75 to 1,100± acres. The land is well suited for sustainable timber production with approximately 99% of the land base operable for commercial forest management activities. The forest is typical of the oak-hickory type common to the region, comprised of nearly 100% hardwood-dominated stands with a small softwood component. Red oak, yellow poplar, chestnut oak, white oak, and hickory are the dominant species and collectively account for 92% of the total sawtimber volume. Current stocking is estimated at 84,005 MBF Doyle (including pallet-grade sawtimber) and 917,906 tons of pulpwood. This well-stocked timberland investment opportunity is capable of providing near-term revenues from ongoing timber management, retail land sales, attractive recreational lease income ($125,000/year), as well as a potential carbon offset project for long-term cash flows.

Additional information on Boone Parklands is available in a virtual data room and can be accessed by submitting a confidentiality agreement found in the "Property Documents" section below. In addition to the detailed information found in the data room, representatives from LandVest are available to show the property upon request.

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