Leatherwood Creek Timberlands is a compelling hardwood timberland investment located in the heart of the Appalachian wood markets of south-central West Virginia. An area well known to professional timberland investors, West Virginia is home to some of the largest collections of investor-owned hardwood land in Appalachia. Well documented and value-driven, Leatherwood Creek Timberlands offers investors a turnkey investment opportunity with a quality hardwood resource.

The large, mostly contiguous ownership of Leatherwood Creek is made up of well-stocked stands of white and red oak, yellow-poplar, hickory, and hard and soft maple. According to the 2019 timber inventory, the property carries 4.14 MBF (Doyle) and 23 tons of pulpwood and growing stock per forested acre. The property benefits from significant public road frontage, while multiple internal roads provide access to large blocks of mature timber and are secured by gated access points. The regions well-developed forest product market offers outlets for sawtimber, low-grade, and pulpwood, all within reasonable haul distances.

In conjunction with Alan Mackey, West Virginia broker.

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