Bids Closed
145,872± Acres

LandVest, Inc has been retained by The Forestland Group, on behalf of its client Heartwood Forestland Fund VI, Connecticut Lakes Realty Trust, LLC, to solicit bids for timberlands consisting of 145,872± acres in northern New Hampshire. Distinguished as the largest private land ownership in New Hampshire, Connecticut Lakes Timberlands (CLT) is a nearly contiguous block of commercial timberland located in the far northern extent of the state. Bounded by the Canadian border to the west and north and the Maine border to the east, CLT has an extensive history of industrial forest management spanning over 150 years and through several ownerships. The property is encumbered by a conservation easement held by the State of New Hampshire designed to sustain traditional forest management activities, protect the conservation and wildlife values of the property, and allow for public recreational activities.

The timber resource is a mix of northern hardwoods and boreal softwoods with a full spectrum of age-classes across the property. Current estimated stocking averages 14.4 gross cords per productive forested acre, totaling 508± MMBF of sawtimber and 912,000± cords of pulpwood. Regional forest product markets are strong in both the US and Canada, and a stable, professional, and competent local workforce provides the necessary labor and expertise to harvest and deliver the wood to these various markets.

In December 2014, CLT was approved as an Improved Forest Management carbon project through the American Carbon Registry. With this designation came the ability to generate carbon offsets for sale in the carbon cap-and-trade market, adding flexibility to the investment by expanding and diversifying the available sources of annual revenue.

CLT is being offered for sale in a two-stage bid process. To receive a Confidential Information Memorandum and register for the project data room, please return a signed copy of the Confidentiality Agreement, found under the "Property Documents" section below. 

Property Details